College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

CAHSS Graduation Stories: Emily M. Smith, School of Social, Behavioral, & Global Studies

Emily Smith is an incredibly focused and well-poised young woman graduating with a BA Degree in Social and Behavioral Science (SBS) with a Concentration in Archaeology and a Minor in Biology. Her Capstone presentation married all three in a bio-archaeological project. Her resume is most impressive, and compares to resumes of advanced graduate students. For example, she has done fieldwork research in California under the guidance of Dr. Ruben Mendoza, CSUMB. She also participated successfully in fieldwork school in Greece, with the support of UROC and under the guidance of Dr. Simon Hillson, University College of London, and fieldwork participation in Peru under the guidance of Dr. Tiffiny Tung, Vanderbilt University.

She is a first generation college student who in her early years had to go against the grain as some people around her did not want her to study anything with the Anthropological sciences...and advised her against it. She is now headed to George Mason University, in Virginia, as the TOP applicant to their MA program in, with an emphasis in bio-archaeology. To conclude, she was an honorable mention in a NSF-funded program, which included advanced Ph.D. students. She has already presented in several conferences, published her own research, and is being recruited by professors and researchers in her field for PhD programs.