College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

CAHSS Graduation Stories: Chelsey Bucher-Hebert, Psychology

Psychology senior Chelsey Bucher-Hebert has been awarded the 2018 Outstanding Senior Award for Social Justice by the University for her significant dedication to promoting equity for communities affected by drug use, social justice advocacy related to drug policy, and generating awareness about harm reduction (i.e., public health policies, practical strategies, and ideas designed to lessen the negative social and/or physical consequences associated with drug use).

Chelsey volunteers at the Harm Reduction Coalition, a non-profit organization whose goal is to stand against the social stigma of drug use to promote a safer community for all. In her research role, she assesses the needs of syringe exchange programs (SEPs) in the state of California. Here on campus, Chelsey founded Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and she is currently working with staff on campus to promote harm reduction practices, to implement the Good Samaritan Policy, and to increase access to drug education materials.