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CAHSS 504 (Academic III) Mural

CAHSS VPA Gallery Grand Opening & Mural Dedication

Join us for a reception celebrating the grand opening of our Visual & Public Art Gallery featuring a photography exhibit by alumna Roxana E. Keland, and the dedication of our signature mural Skylight by Professor Emerita Johanna Poethig.

October 11, 2019


College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Room Main Entrance, Atrium Lobby & VPA Gallery

CAHSS 504 Front Entrance, Atrium Lobby and VPA Gallery. CAHSS 504 is located on Divarty Street between the Joel & Dena Gambord Business & Information Technology Building and Beach Hall, Across from Building 3-Del Mar. Parking Permits are required on campus and can be purchased at any parking permit kiosk for $5.

Free-All are welcome!

Please RSVP

Johanna Poethig to Create Mural for CAHSS Building 504

Johanna Poethig
Johanna Poethig, CSUMB Professor Emerita, Visual & Public Art

Dean Ilene Feinman and the University Art Committee are pleased to announce that CSUMB Professor Emerita Johanna Poethig, Visual and Public Art Department, has been commissioned for a signature mural for the main entrance to the building (Divarty Street).

This 12'x45' mural will reflect the spirit of the college, its integration to the wider community, and engage the departments and studios that reside in auxiliary buildings.

The Dean's Office hosted a brainstorming Phase I Design Session on November 8, 3-5 pm, at the VPA Complex (Building 71). Faculty, staff, and students were invited to join us to share their ideas and learn more about the plans and design.

We look forward to updating the campus community as the design takes shape.

Artist Johanna Poethig presents concept to the mural committee
Artist Johanna Poethig presents concept to the Academic III Mural Committee

Updates & Timeline:

  • December, 2018: Academic III Mural Committee formed. This Committee includes all members of the 2018-19 University Art Committee as well as faculty representation from each of the CAHSS Departments/Units:
    • Ilene Feinman, Chair, University Art Committee
    • Kathleen Ventimiglia, University Art Committee
    • Claire Larson, CAHSS AS Senator, University Art Committee
    • Holly Byers-Ochoa, University Art Committee
    • Lisette Miles, University Art Committee
    • Martha Drexler-Lynn, University Art Committee
    • CART: Meghan O'Hara (Also University Art Committee Member)
    • HCOM: Kelly Medina-Lopez
    • MPA: Lanier Sammons
    • PSY: Jennifer Dyer-Seymour
    • SBGS: Kathryn Poethig
    • VPA: Angelica Muro (Also University Art Committee Member)
    • WLC: Dustin Wright
  • January, 2019: Preliminary design concept to be presented to the Academic III Mural Committee.
    • Concept presented at the A3 Mural Committee meeting January 22
  • April, 2019: Presentation of concept and design to College
    • Scheduled for April 16, 2-3 pm, University Center Living Room
  • April 23, 2019: Work Begins!
    • April 18 kicks off the start of work at the site with a safety and scale training session.
  • August, 2019: Work Complete!
  • October 11, 2019: Dedication Ceremony

Skylight:  Transmission of Knowledge/Windows to Justice

Below shows the beginning stages of the CAHSS Academic 3 Mural, Skylight: Transmission of Knowledge/Windows to Justice, by VPA Professor Emerita Johanna Poethig.

This mural was made possible in part by a generous donation from Roxana (Rocky) Ruth Earley Keland, a member of the first graduating class of the Visual and Public Art Department, and an unwavering supporter of VPA. She passed away March 3, 2019. The College is planning a mural dedication and gallery exhibit celebrating her work in October of 2019.

Group with sketch of mural
Measuring out panels for mural
outline sketching of mural
first colors applied

About the Piece:

The light-transmitting oculus opens to the sky. A plant growth pattern forms the dome, a symbol for preserving the environment and sustaining life. Interconnected knotted cords of a Khipu, one of the oldest record-keeping and language devices, are stenciled with a selection of words. Lenses reflect multiple perspectives expressed through photographic and cinematic technologies. A heart is suspended above the flame emanating from the hands of the Dia de los Muertos celebrant. The scales of justice are held by a CSUMB graduate balancing on a tightrope of networked intersectionality that lights up the globe: a steward with sophisticated understanding, engaged in the movements for social equity, studying the paradoxes, taking the risks but always searching for connections. Puzzle pieces stretch out over the landscape signifying that learning is a continual process of fitting the pieces together and taking them apart for further study. Arranged at the corner, marigolds and chrysanthemums symbolize the beauty and cultures we cultivate in the garden together.

Medium: Acrylic Paint, 8'x45'

Commissioned by the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences with major funding by Roxana Keland (Visual and Public Art alumnus) and University Corporation.

For all the details on the new building, please visit our CAHSS Building 504 page.

View of front of Academic III building from Divarty Street
The mural location is shown above at the main entrance to the building.
Mural rendering

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

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