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WSCUC Special Visit 2023

In accordance with CSUMB's last re-accreditation in 2019, our campus hosted a visiting team from WSCUC for a special visit in Fall 2023.  As CSUMB was re-accredited for ten years, this special visit is an opportunity for the campus to share the progress we have made related to three specific areas before our next accreditation cycle in 2029.  The three areas of interest to WSCUC include:

  1. The process and progress for recruitment, hiring, and inclusion of more faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Progress in integrating resource allocation, enrollment management, new revenue streams, and achieving economies of scale into the new strategic planning process.
  3. Improvement in academic advising.

The 2023 Special Visit Report to WSCUC is available here for download.  

After reading our report, visiting the campus on October 19, 2023 and meeting with diverse groups of staff, faculty, students, and administrators WSCUC conveyed the following commendations and areas for development:


  1. Campus-wide engagement in the President’s Opportunities and Priorities.
  2. Significant improvement in student advising, including advisor to student ratios and plans in place for ongoing improvements.
  3. Strengthening co-governance with the formation of the staff council.
  4. Expanding Employee Affinity groups and fostering their collaboration to provide support, a sense of belonging, and community.
  5. The campus-wide engagement in working toward Inclusive Excellence.

Areas for Development:

  1. Continue the development of the Modified Responsibility Centered Management budget model to full implementation which includes broad communication and evaluation. (CFR 3.4)
  2. Assess the effectiveness of advising, including the integration of technology into practices. (CFR 2.13)
  3. Assess the multiple efforts to achieve the institution’s goals to improve and enhance the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty and staff (CFR 3.1).

Next Steps:

  1. Schedule a Progress Report to be submitted on November 1, 2026 to address the new budget model and enrollment growth.
  2. Continue to prepare for the scheduled Offsite Review in fall 2028 and the Accreditation Visit in spring 2029.

Read the full response from WSCUC President Jamienne Studley here.

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