Academic Affairs

Assessment and Program Review

Ongoing, outcomes-based assessment of student learning is a key component of CSUMB's educational model and essential for maintaining the meaning, quality, and integrity of all CSUMB degree programs. The campus supports the ongoing process of integrating assessment and improvement of student learning throughout all levels of the university, starting from individual class sessions up through courses, programs, and the institution. Read CSUMB Provost's Statement on Principles of Academic Affairs Assessment.

Outcomes Assessment is an annual activity conducted by faculty at the program level. It involves the collection and interpretation of student work products, which provides a measure of the level of student achievement in defined learning outcomes. Understanding the degree to which students are successfully meeting those outcomes provides faculty with the information necessary to continuously improve upon related curriculum, pedagogy, and program delivery.

Program Review is a cyclical activity conducted by faculty at the program level. It involves an holistic review of a degree program that encompasses reflection on the assessment activities and program improvement strategies during a given cycle, analysis of institutionally-provided data, and consideration of changes in the field/profession, and much more. Such critical self-examination provides salient information and analysis that assists us in our responsibility to continuously improve the programs and services offered at CSUMB.