Academic Affairs

Academic Planning

In support of CSUMB's commitment to high-quality academic programs, the role of Academic Planning is to coordinate and facilitate the review and approval of new academic degree programs, assist in the development and implementation of policy on general education and other curricular matters, participate in addressing educational effectiveness issues, and ensure that facilities planning is linked to academic program planning.

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CSUMB currently offers 28 Undergraduate Degrees, a variety of Teaching Credential Programs, several Single Subject Waiver Programs and eight Masters Degrees. The University delivers an outcomes-based educational (OBE) program infused with its core academic values, derived from the Vision Statement, which uses the idea of "what students should learn" as opposed to "what students should study," as the framework for conceptualizing, defining, and organizing the academic programs. As part of the OBE model at CSUMB all academic programs, including both the general education program and each of the majors and non-degree programs, have identified and described what the learning outcomes are for that program and how assessment of student learning against those outcomes occurs.

For more information about Academic Planning at CSUMB please contact: 831-582-5254