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Sign up below during the October Commute Challenge to earn prizes!

Go831! October Commute Challenge

If you’re looking for a carpool, or want to record your commute trips, mileage, CO2 emissions, and other stats, the sign up for free to the County wide Go831! program on the RideAmigos web platform. RideAmigos is a ridematching and trip recording site provided by the Transportation Agency for Monterey County. The platform can help you find someone commuting the same way and time frame as you do, and it can also show you just how many miles, gasoline costs and CO2 emissions your spending on your commute pattern, and possible solutions for reducing these factors, such as mapping bus or bike routes along your commute. This is a powerful tool for improving the way you get to campus. To find out more information or if you want to join check out the RideAmigos webpage.

Finding an organized carpool/vanpool is as simple as signing up at to get started. You do not have to commit to full-time carpooling to be eligible to join a carpool, nor do you need a vehicle. Carpooling is a great way to meet people, relax on your commute, save money, and qualify for the Rideshare Rewards cash prize drawings. Carpoolers are also eligible for a monthly tax credit through your employer.

Go to Commute Alternatives to learn about programs in our region to support commuters, including the monthly cash prize drawings.


  • Taxi ADA Certification Drivers
    • Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST), in conjunction with MV Transportation, has developed a training program for taxi operators who wish to provide services to MST customers through the RIDES and Taxi Voucher Programs. The program is called Taxi ADA Certification Training (TACT) and drivers who successfully complete the training will be issued an identification card with their photograph as proof of certification. MST RIDES and taxi voucher customers must use only TACT certified drivers.
    • For more information check out: ada -training-certification.htm
  • Taxi Vouchers
    • Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) offers a taxi voucher program to assist seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans in accessing important locations within their community. The Taxi Voucher Program has three (3) categories of taxi vouchers: senior, persons with disabilities, and veterans, each with their own eligibility requirements.
      • To receive senior vouchers, an individual must be 65 years or older and be a resident in one of the following communities: Carmel, Carmel Valley, Del Rey Oaks, Marina, Monterey, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Sand City, Salinas, or Seaside. The vouchers can be obtained at one of the distribution locations in the city in which the senior resides.
      • To receive vouchers for persons with disabilities, an individual must- be certified in the MST RIDES ADA paratransit program. The vouchers are issued on a quarterly basis and will be mailed when requested. To apply for the MST RIDES ADA paratransit program, individuals may contact MST at 1-888-678-2871, email
      • To receive the veterans voucher, veterans may visit one of the distribution locations. A qualified veteran is an individual who served active duty in one of the branches of the U.S. Military. The vouchers are provided on a monthly basis.
  • For more information check out:

Emergency Ride Home

The Emergency Ride Home Program is for commuters who use alternative transportation to get to or from work or school, but worry about being stranded if there is a family emergency or if they are asked to work late. The program offers “peace of mind” to commuters by providing cost reimbursement for a taxi or rental car utilized in a work-related emergency situation.