Parking and Transportation

Transportation Resources


Vehicles parked in the blue disabled/handicapped parking spaces on campus must display both a valid CSUMB parking permit and a valid DMV-issued Disabled Person Parking Placard or plates.

For permit options, consult CSUMB Parking website.

Students with verified disabilities may request a CSUMB parking permit fee waiver based on financial need by following a process through Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC). The CSUMB Financial Aid department will evaluate and certify a student's financial need meets the requirements for a parking fee waiver. To start request process, schedule an appointment with SDAC Advisor:

Email or Call SDAC at 831-582-3672

Also, consult Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC)

If you have difficulties finding an available blue zone on campus, contact Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC) or University Police Parking Services.

On-campus transportation

Wheelchair accessible cart

CSUMB’s wheelchair accessible cart is only available to University Departments/Groups for tours, campus-wide orientations, and events such as Commencement. CSUMB does not provide a cart service for travel between buildings.

If your department or group needs a wheelchair accessible cart, please call 831-582-3807 at least one week in advance for full consideration of your needs.

On-campus and local transportation

Transportation is free with your valid CSUMB I.D. card on MST buses, On Call, and MST RIDES.

Paratransit services

Paratransit is available for passengers who cannot use fixed-route transit due to disability limitations. Paratransit is provided by Monterey-Salinas Transit under the RIDES program. Students and visitors may need this to travel from one campus building to another. First-year and upper division students may need to rely on the local bus and/or RIDES travel to and from service learning sites and other activities off campus. Even if you have a car, plan for when it needs service. You may need public transportation.

RIDES paratransit on campus operates the same hours as MST fixed-route transit.

RIDES paratransit eligibility determination and service on or off campus is handled by Monterey Salinas Transit - Mobility services. Consult MST to request an application for RIDES paratransit services, travel training, vouchers for taxi fare, special medical trips, and more.

For best results, contact MST at least 30 – 90 days prior to the semester in order to establish eligibility and set up your rides. Eligibility determination requires the passenger’s medical provider to complete a form and the passenger to meet for an interview with the MST eligibility specialist.

Call: 888.MST.BUS1 | 888-678-2871

For an appointment to complete the RIDES paratransit eligibility medical form, contact Campus Health Center at 831-582-3965, Health and Wellness Services (Bldg. 80).

MST on call

MST On Call is wheelchair accessible and offers MST On Call Marina from bus stops on

campus. To request MST On Call Marina call 866-663-3278 the morning of the day that you want a ride.

Van rental

CSUMB maintains a list of vendors who rent wheelchair accessible vans. Availability varies and usually requires that the driver be able to use a standard seat, gas and brake pedals. Please contact SDR for more information.

Wheelchair accessible taxi

Wheelchair accessible taxi or “on demand” service is available for Monterey County. Please check with:

Coastal Yellow Cab 831-333-0533

Salinas Yellow Cab 831-424-1234

Associated Taxi 831-277-8294

Additionally, taxi vouchers for these companies are available for those who are part of the MST RIDES program or those who are 65 years of age and older. Please visit MST Taxi Vouchers page for more details. Ask Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC) for list of campus offices that have MST Taxi Vouchers.

Wheelchair accessible taxis are also available in Santa Cruz County. For a list of vendors consult yellow pages, check with the Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission or Access Santa Cruz County.