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Transportation and Parking Committee (TAPC)


Championing sustainable transportation

The Transportation and Parking Committee (TAPC) is an advisory committee that addresses mobility issues and promotes sustainable transportation options for the entire campus community. Committee members aim to improve universal physical mobility within the campus boundaries, as well as supporting connectivity opportunities with our surrounding communities.

The committee provides advice, input and recommendations in monthly meetings by fulfilling the following roles:

  • OPEN FORUM – The committee is a place to introduce new ideas, concerns seeking resolution and general topics for discussion.
  • PROJECT INPUT – The committee will have occasional opportunities to provide feedback on transportation components related to campus projects, large and small.
  • SHARE INFORMATION – Committee members are kept updated on all campus transportation program and project news, as well as introduced to regional initiatives affecting campus.

To view TAPC committee meeting minutes please click this link.

MST bus in front of the library

First Year Goals (2017-18)

  • Draft a Transportation Strategy Statement that integrates campus goals and regional initiatives.
  • Identify and prioritize strategies that support the Master Plan mode split goals
  • Advise on the implementation of the Master Plan transportation elements.

Committee membership represents the diversity of communities and roles on campus: staff, faculty and students. Members provide their input as individual commuters, as well as representatives that bring specific group concerns and resources to support programs. Substitutes are encouraged to attend when regular members cannot.

Committee Members


Image of TAPC meeting to narrow values and goals


  • Allymyr Atrero, Otter Cross Cultural Center
  • Anya Spear, Campus Planning & Development
  • Carlos Espinoza, Otter Cycle Center
  • Cindy Compean, Center for Academic Technologies
  • Daniel Fernandez, School of Natural Sciences
  • Fred Watson, College of Natural Sciences
  • Greg Pool, University Affairs
  • Joanna Snawder-Manzo, Dean of Students
  • Joseph Chiappa, Student Housing & Residential Life
  • Lacey Raak, Sustainability
  • Linda Schaedle, University Personnel
  • Lindsay Wetzel Polin, Campus Health Center
  • Mahshid Bozorgnia, International Programs
  • Margaret Keith, Student Disability Resources
  • Marylou Shockley, College of Business
  • Scott Waltz, Liberal Studies
  • Shantel Martinez, Otter Cross Cultural Center
  • Associated Students
  • Multicultural Greek Council

  • Student Awareness for Disability Empowerment