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Photo: Students walking through Fort Ord with a bicycle

Affordable CSUMB transportation programs

Gas prices have increased. That means more of your household budget goes toward transportation costs instead of rent, food, or savings. Did you know that CSUMB coordinates safe, sustainable, and affordable transportation programs open to all students, faculty, and staff?
Now is a great time to try one or more of the following transportation options:
  1. Riding "the wave," CSUMB’s on-campus shuttle program, is great for getting to and from East Campus. Don’t live on campus? Ride MST, the regional transit system.
  2. Bicycling not only saves money but also provides added health benefits. Electric bikes can be great to go farther, manage hills, and travel faster. The Monterey Bay Air Resources District offers $1,000 rebates for e-bikes, and the CSUMB Recreation Department provides bicycle resources.
  3. Carpooling is a great way to save money. Although campus does not have a special rate for carpools, if you register with parking services as a carpool, you can save money by splitting the cost of the permit. Carpool members can receive five free day passes per month if they need to drive alone. Additional resources can be found at Transportation Resources, and Parking Services has more detail on carpools.
Trying one of these modes just one day a week will immediately reduce the money you're spending at the pump. It will also support CSUMB's sustainability goals!
These programs don’t fit your needs? Check out Transportation Resources for other programs not listed here. Also, if these modes of transportation don’t work for you, please email us to let us know why. Feedback can lead to service improvements that allow these modes to best fit your needs.