Vision, mission, goals, and core strategies

Vision: CSUMB educators* foster holistic wellness, learning, and engagement for all students.

Mission: Help CSUMB educators* improve and integrate curricular and co-curricular teaching and assessment to cultivate holistic wellness, learning, and engagement.

Goals: Help CSUMB educators*...

  • Create learning environments that include, challenge, and support everybody.
  • Facilitate learning experiences that help all students advance, apply, and transfer curricular and co-curricular learning.
  • Promote integrative thinking that advances holistic wellness, learning, and engagement for everybody.

*"CSUMB educators" include the faculty (lecturers and tenure-line), co-curricular professionals in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, administrators, other university employees, students, and community partners.

Core strategies

  • Partner with other CSUMB educators on projects and programs.
  • Support assessment of student achievement and using results to improve.
  • Network with local, regional, and national organizations to exchange and align ideas, goals, and strategies.

Organizations that influence our work