Test Center

CSUMB is proud to introduce RegisterBlast!

The CSUMB Test Center is excited to introduce our new booking system: RegisterBlast!

In order to better serve you and your students, we're improving how you schedule exams with the Test Center. Our new system, RegisterBlast offers tons of great features including:

  • Canvas integration
    • provide exam information right inside your Canvas course-- your students can book through Canvas, too!
  • Secure digital delivery of exams
    • Send exam copies and receive completed tests through our secure digital portal
  • Set up exams 24/7
    • Our new automated system allows you to work on your time-- not the Test Center's

Instructor Information

How to provide exam information

The CSUMB Test Center strives to provide the highest level of customer service to both the students and instructors who use our center.

In order to ensure that we are able to administer exams efficiently and correctly, here are some brief tips about using our Center:

  1. The Testing Center staff will email you that the student’s exam has been scheduled and request the exam if it is not on file with the Testing Center. The student will also be advised to contact you about providing the exam to the Testing Center.
  2. Complete the Test Center Booking Information Form through RegisterBlast (either through Canvas or our standalone portal) for each exam that students will be using the Test Center for testing.
  3. You can provide us exam information about a test even if a student has not requested to take an exam with us yet.
  4. Students must schedule their own tests-- this helps them remember when and where their exams will take place.
  5. The Testing Center provides minimal testing supplies: notably pencils and scratch paper. Please help our students by reminding them that they must bring other supplies needed for the exam.