Test Center

Information about Accommodated Testing for Test-Takers

CSUMB is proud to be a school that serves and teaches all students in all the varieties they require. If you are a student registered with Student Disability Resources you may be entitled to testing accommodations if you have specific documentation of a disability-related need. Please speak with an SDR advisor about authorization for accommodated testing. Information about how to do that is available on SDR's ' Requesting Accommodations' page.

If you want to request use of your accommodations for a course, you need to share your Course Accommodation Form (CAF) letter with your instructor. Within it, it will detail the accommodations you are entitled to, along with the courses they apply to.

SDR and the CSUMB Test Center then request that all instructors acknowledge the content within a student's CAF by filling out our Testing Facilitation Form. This helps us keep track of what instructors know about your accommodations.

After reading and acknowledging the content within a student's CAF, instructors are asked to reach out to SDR and Testing Services if they have questions or require assistance accommodating a student.

Plan ahead and let your instructors know as soon as possible about course accommodations you will be needing for your classes! If you do not produce a CAF, faculty are not required to accommodate based on disability without confirmation from SDR.