Sponsored Programs Office

What we do

The Sponsored Programs Office is dedicated to assisting faculty and staff with pre-award and early-stage post-award activities for externally funded research, scholarship and student success programs. SPO staff work closely with sponsoring agencies, Principal Investigators (PIs), and the University Corporation at Monterey Bay to provide professional and timely assistance and direction.

Sponsored Programs Office staff are also the administrative arm and operational support for the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS), and Faculty Incentive Grants (FIG).

The Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) is dedicated to supporting eligible faculty and staff to search for and acquire PUBLIC funding for discovery, creation and integration of research, scholarship, and student success programs.

What is PUBLIC funding?

Funding that originates from a government (federal, state, county, city) or pass-through funding from a government is considered public funding.

Who handles private funding?

 staff supports searching for gift or grant funding that originates from a private-sector source such as corporations and charitable or philanthropic organizations.