Sponsored Programs Office

2022 Faculty Incentive Grant (FIG) Program

Deadline: Thursday, December 1st, 2022 by 4pm via InfoReady

Faculty Incentive Grants (FIG) 22-23 for Pre-tenured Faculty

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Faculty Incentive Grants (FIG) grant program is to assist pre-tenured Faculty in initiating research, scholarly, and creative activities that have the potential to become continuing programs supported by extramural funds.

CSUMB, including the Provost, Academic Senate, Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) and the University Corporation at Monterey Bay, is committed to fostering a supportive environment for entry-level faculty starting out their research, scholarly, and/or creative activity career at CSUMB.


● Eligibility for this program is limited to pre-tenured faculty only at CSUMB. Faculty must not have received FIG funding from the previous two years (2020 & 2021).

● Recipients of previous FIGs (prior to 2019) shall provide information in section “VII. Other Information” on their previous FIG results- listing all the external funding proposals submitted related to their FIG award and a copy of their Final Report.

● Recipients of CSUMB Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity (RSCA) grants in 2020 must also describe in section “VII. Other Information” how this FIG proposed project is significantly different than the awarded RSCA grant.

PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT GRANT: The outcome is to develop and submit a proposal of a minimum of $45,000 to an external sponsor. The proposal should be completed and ready for submission by the end of the funded period – 5/31/23. It is expected that these mini-grants are completed on time, based on the timeline provided in your submitted FIG proposal and no later than 5/31/23.

NOTE: Applicants are highly encouraged to contact  Sponsored Programs staff for assistance at least two weeks prior to proposal submission (spo@csumb.edu).

Check out these great Faculty Incentive Grant (FIG) proposal examples:


Dr. Mohammed Abouzahra

College of Business

Exploring the Use and Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Dr. Kerrie Chitwood

Education and Leadership

Determining the Effectiveness of a Literacy Toolkit for Informal Educators

Dr. Zurine De Miguel


Interaction of physical fitness, inflammation and cognitive performance in healthy young adults

Dr. Jose Pablo Dundore-Arias

Biology and Chemistry

Composition of onion root exudates and their functional role in mediating plant-microbe interactions

Dr. John Goeltz

Biology and Chemistry

MRI: Acquisition of a nuclear magnetic resonance facility for research and research training in the molecular sciences

Dr. Jenny Lin

College of Business

The role of emotional evoking faces in green messages: An investigation through behavioral and physiological research methods