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What is UCorp?

The University Corporation at Monterey Bay (University Corporation or UCorp for short) is the legal recipient for all external funding on behalf of the university. The University Corporation is CSU Monterey Bay's auxiliary organization, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public benefit corporation.

All awards must be signed by an authorized representative of the University Corporation. Please contact the Sponsored Programs Office (formerly: Grants & Contracts) for public funding awards and University Advancement for private funding awards.

The principal investigator (PI) in conjunction with Sponsored Programs Office (or University Advancement if the funder is private) are responsible for reviewing all conditions of an award prior to acceptance by the University Corporation. The PI and SPO (or UA) staff are also responsible for ensuring that the funder's requirements are compatible with the University Corporation and/or CSUMB's policies and procedures.

The Sponsored Programs Office (public funds) or University Advancement (private funds) have primary responsibility for resolving any disagreement between the funder and the University Corporation in regard to the terms and conditions of the award. It is best to resolve any problematic issues prior to the approved project start date.

Acceptance of a sponsored project binds both the funder and the University Corporation to specific financial and programmatic commitments, as outlined in the approval and acceptance of the final budget and award.

About UCorp's Post Award Administration