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Kuali Research is CSU Monterey Bay's comprehensive proposal development, tracking and analysis system simplifying the grant administration process from proposals through award including research compliance. Currently our instance of Kuali includes:

In the future our instance of Kuali will also include:

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol submission, review and tracking
  • Research-related Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure and tracking
  • Reports with Sisense
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NOTE: Now that Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft, Kuali Research is not functional on it. Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Learn to Use Kuali

SPO staff will contact you when it's time for training. The roll-out will begin with signing officials (Provost, Deans, Chairs etc.) and their support staff, then PIs and unit support staff.

Kuali is a "continuously delivered" software which means it's constantly updating (like Google and apps on your cell phone). So, to best serve our users, training will be primarily delivered via recorded demonstrations and video conferencing on Zoom. Both of these products are free for CSUMB affiliated researchers.

Get a head-start by checking out SPO Tech Help.

Your Kuali Login and Password

Kuali is synchronized with CSUMB's single-sign-on system (CSUMB username+password) so DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD!

For the past 12 years InfoEd has been the system delivering reminders to you, your Chairs and Deans, about sponsored programs deliverables (internal/external reports due) and Human Subjects Research (IRB) reporting compliance. Read more about it: News > Transitioning to Kuali Research.