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Research Enterprise System

What is a research enterprise system?

Grants and contacts administration has rapidly evolved from the early days as stand-alone electronic research administration (eRA) software to a genuinely integrated research enterprise system (RES) used by researchers and university administrators to develop, submit, and track proposals, as well as manage awards and compliance for externally funded projects. Since 2000, InfoEd has been CSUMB's eRA system for grant funding opportunity searches, alert services, user profile management, proposal and award deliverables tracking, and compliance management of research-related deliverables.

In 2015 Kuali Coeus (prounced: ku-WAH-lee ko-ee-us) will become CSUMB's research enterprise system. Kuali Coeus is open-source and comes with a dedicated user community who actively support the Kuali Foundation's management of the application's development. As such, the software is free and what we pay for is customer support, help-desk service, and system hosting from our provider, Kuali Company (formerly rSmart).

We will roll out the use of Kuali Coeus gradually. The first step will be to use it for electronic routing of proposals. Yes, the dreaded "Blue Sheet" is retiring in 2015 and you can be the first to say au revoir by joining the KC Pilot PI group. To join the "Blue Sheet" retirement party, email us at: spo@csumb.edu.

In the mean time, continue to follow the current proposal process.

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