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Submitting proposals

SPO will continue to support paper-based proposal development and circulation (Blue Sheet + Budget XLS + Narrative) through Fall 2015 as we gradually roll-out use of new software that allows PIs and support staff to develop proposals (including compliance certifications), electronically route for "signature" approval, and eventually submit directly to the sponsor (system-to-system).

Per UCorp policy, proposals must be received by the Sponsored Programs staff five days prior to deadline.

What do principal investigators need to do?

Contact SPO as soon as you spot an opportunity you want to apply for. Until you're contacted for training, continue using the "old" application forms found at: https://csumb.edu/spo/forms-policies#forms SPO will use Kauli Coeus in the background (e.g.: on our end) until you're trained.

What should principal investigators expect?

Over the course of academic year 2015-2016, PI's will transition to using Kuali Coeus for Proposal Development and Signature Authorization (e.g.: routing to all the authorizing individuals on the "Blue Sheet"). Initially PI's may continue using the "Grant Budget Template" (at https://csumb.edu/spo/forms-policies#forms) until you've acclimated to Kuali Coeus' Budget tool.

We're transitioning to Kuali Coeus

Kuali Coeus simplifies the grant administration process from proposals through award & compliance. It allows institutions to maximize funding and make more informed decisions. Kuali Coeus capabilities include:

  • Proposal and budget development
  • Summary of institutional proposals
  • Questionnaire assembly and response management
  • Grants.gov integration
  • Negotiation management
  • Report tracking
  • Subaward information tracking
  • Management of Conflict of Interest (COI)
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol submission, review and ongoing management
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol submission, review and ongoing management
Kuali Coeus Logo

What's Kuali Coeus?

Kuali Coeus is one of several open source administrative software solutions for higher education supported by the Kuali Foundation. Read about Kuali Coeus on the Kuali Foundation's website.

Learning Kuali Coeus

SPO staff will contact you when it's time for training. The roll-out will begin with signing officials (on the Blue Sheet), then PIs and support staff. If you conduct unfunded Human Subjects Research or Research with Animals, you may request training immediately in order to submit protocols via Kuali Coeus.

Your Kuali Coeus login is your CSUMB username

Kuali Coeus will be synchronized with CSUMB's single-sign-on system (CSUMB username+password) so.......