Our mission is to promote the mental health of CSUMB students in order to improve the quality of their lives and aid them in achieving academic success. We are committed to the development of the whole person: academically, personally, socially, spiritually, and physically.

NEWS & Events

For more information please call 831-582-3969


  • Individual Counseling is offered in one-on-one sessions with trained mental health clinicians.
  • Groups & Workshops assist students to work through a variety of issues and encourage the development of coping skills.
  • Training Opportunities assist students, staff, and faculty in understanding the mental health needs of our students.
  • Campus Chaplaincy & Spiritual Support is offered to serve all students, faculty and staff regardless of religious tradition or denomination.
  • Mental Health Screenings are available online for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and alcohol use disorders. These screenings are also conducted in classrooms, residence halls, the counseling center, and as special events. Based on screening results, students may be referred (or self-refer) to the PGCC for follow-up services.
  • Students should also be aware of their right to confidentiality, as well as limits in the event that a clinician has to break confidentiality for legal and ethical reasons.

hours & contact information

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

You can connect with us in a variety of ways:

  • Phone: (831) 582-3969
  • Mail: California State University Monterey Bay, Health & Wellness Services, 100 Campus Center, Seaside, CA, 93955-8001
  • E-mail: counseling_center@csumb.edu.
  • Physical Location: The PGCC is located in the Health and Wellness Services Building (80) on the corner of General Jim Moore Boulevard and Inter-Garrison Road. A map of CSUMB can be found here.

Cost of Services Are Free for registered/currently-enrolled students.

Getting Help

For Myself

  • If you are a student enrolled at CSUMB, you can contact us by telephone call to request services or to ask any questions: (831) 582-3969.
  • Although there are no assurances to benefits, counseling can often lead to better interpersonal relationships, improved academic performance, solutions to specific problems, and reductions in your feelings of distress.
  • While individual counseling is provided at the PGCC, it is recommended that you consider attending group counseling as well to maximize your personal growth.

For someone else

  • If a student is in danger of hurting themselves or others, call 9-1-1. If you are on a campus phone, dial 9 first, then 9-1-1.
  • If you are on campus and concerned about a student, encourage them to talk to someone. You can offer to accompany the student to our office. We ask that you call us prior to coming over so we can be ready to meet them.
  • If you are off campus and concerned about a student, express concern to the student, encourage the student to come to the counseling center, and ask that he or she make contact.

Contact Personal Growth & Counseling

(831) 582-3969

Fax: (831) 582-4384


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