Personal Growth and Counseling Center

Doctoral Internship

Stipend, Benefits, and Resources

The annual stipend for interns at the California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) Psychology Internship is $35,568 for the 2024-2025 cohort. As employees of CSUMB interns receive comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits. Interns may also be eligible to receive Vacation, Sick Leave, and paid holidays. Information regarding CSUMB employee benefits can be found in the Benefits section of the CSUMB Human Resources website. Information about available leaves for employees, including Workers’ Compensation, Family Medical Leave, and leave request procedures, can be found in the Leaves section of the UP website. Questions regarding specific benefits or leave options can be directed to the Human Resources department at This is a generous benefits package and therefore interns are encouraged to be mindful of minimum number of hours necessary to complete licensure requirements. Interns should submit requests for time off to their primary supervisor at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated leave date. Interns are responsible for communicating anticipated absences to all supervisors for whom work will be missed. Sick leave must be communicated to the intern’s primary supervisor as soon as the intern is physically able to do so. Supervisors are available for any questions related to time off or release time.

Additionally, interns will have the option to request affordable employee housing adjacent to campus. Options are comprised of two and three bedroom apartments, attached bungalows, and townhomes in a rural cul-de-sac setting. Each neighborhood features plenty of open space, with accessible playgrounds located nearby. Ground floor homes have private, enclosed backyard patios, while second level homes feature spacious balconies offering relaxing views of the coastal hills. All homes have an attached, single car garage. Each unit is provided with washer and dryer hookups and cable and high speed internet at no additional cost. These homes are also pet friendly. Feel free to refer to the Schoonover Park website for more information and contact information. 

CSUMB Psychology Interns have access to numerous resources. All interns are provided with private office space, a desk, computer, office phone, voicemail, software, business cards, ID badges, and necessary office supplies. The counseling center provides intervention manuals, assessment materials, other training materials, and access to the DSM-5-TR. Additional materials that may be needed may be purchased using internship funding with Training Committee approval. Attendance at professional conferences is valued as a component of professional development and may be funded by the internship program when opportunities are available. Each intern additionally has access to administrative and IT support, as well as client scheduling support. Additionally, CSUMB has an ADA coordinator within Human Resources who provides support and assistance for all staff and faculty, including interns, with special needs to obtain necessary accommodations to complete their assigned tasks.