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Accessible Parking

To park in an accessible parking space a valid DMV-issued disabled placard or a disabled person/disabled veteran license plate AND a valid CSUMB parking permit are required.

Two required items you need to park in a CSUMB ADA parking spaces 

  1. State placard or ADA plate
  2. CSUMB Parking Permit
ADA Placard and CSUMB Permit

With these two items, you may also park without regard to the time limit:
        • At a green curb
        • In visitor parking
        • At a metered space without paying a parking meter fee

You may not park:
        • In spaces marked with a crosshatched pattern
        • At red curbs, yellow curbs (commercial vehicles only), or white curbs 
           (passenger loading/unloading only – the driver must remain with the vehicle at all 

Important: Your disabled person parking placard or plate may only be used by you. Never loan your placard to another person or alter a placard or placard identification card.

Required identification

All persons displaying a disabled person placard or disabled person/disabled veteran license plate must have their DMV-issued disabled person/disabled veteran ID card and state-issued photo ID in their possession at all times.  These cards must be presented upon request by Parking Services or a Police Officer for verification. (22511.5, 22511.55, 22511.6 CVC)

Apply for a disabled person placard

To apply for a temporary or permanent disabled person placard visit or call 1-800-777-0133 to obtain a form (Reg 195) for a parking placard or special plates. Qualified persons (295.5 CVC) may apply by mail or in person at a DMV field office.

Additional Information

Students: Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC)
Staff and faculty: Human Resources