Parking and Transportation

Parking Services

Special Permits

Special permits are issued at the Parking Services Office in Valley Hall-E for a variety of unique parking needs such as but not limited to:
        • Collaborative programs
        • Loading and unloading

Special permits allow specific parking privileges not available with other permits. Special permits are issued for varying lengths of time and are valid only where indicated. Special permits are provided as a courtesy but are usually issued to persons in possession of a current faculty/staff, student, or affiliate permit.

Collaborative programs

Students who are enrolled in one of the collaborative academic programs requiring them to attend both CSUMB and a Community College are eligible to receive a special supplemental permit. These students will need to provide their program coordinator with a request for a permit. The supplemental permit must be displayed with the Community College permit. Current qualifying programs include CSin3, Nursing Program, and ACE.

To request a special permit, contact