Jose Pablo “JP” Dundore-Arias

Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology

Credential/highest degree
MSc and PhD in Plant Pathology (minor in entomology)


Plant-microbe interactions, diseases and pests of leafy greens, food safety, agricultural microbiomes, agricultural workforce development

Relevant bio 

Dr. Dundore-Arias is a bilingual (Spanish/English) and first-generation college graduate with over 15 years of experience investigating plant-microbe interactions and agricultural microbiomes. Ongoing projects in his research program are focused on investigating the fate of plant pathogens in specialty crop production systems, and their control through integrated management approaches, as well as deciphering strategies to promote microbial-based alternatives (aka soil probiotics) to promote pathogen suppression to enhance plant and soil health. Additionally, he is known for his commitment to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM fields, his contributions to broadening the participation of underrepresented minority scientists in plant and microbial sciences, and his dedication to training the next generation of the agricultural workforce.


Cell phone: 515-231-8442
Office phone: 831-582-5146
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