Cheryl Logan

Professor, Department of Marine Science

Highest degree
PhD in Biology, Stanford University


Marine ecological physiology and genomics, global change biology, ecological forecasting, ocean climate change policy, fish (especially rockfish, gobies, flatfish) and marine invertebrates, stony corals

Relevant bio 

Dr. Logan is a Professor in the Department of Marine Science at California State University, Monterey Bay. The research group studies physiological mechanisms that marine animals use to survive in their environments, spanning from the biochemical to the organismal level. In light of the current climate change crisis, understanding the mechanistic foundation for why species' ranges are shifting is crucial for predicting which species will experience detrimental impacts and which will benefit from environmental changes. Their work centers on examining and forecasting how ecologically important fish and invertebrates regulate physiology in response to the temperature, hypoxia, and ocean acidification associated with climate change.


Cell phone: 510-910-6974
Office phone: 831-582-4698
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