Course Reserves

Electronic Course Readings

Recognizing that required and supplemental readings are a key element of the student learning experience in many courses, the library has always provided support to faculty in making such materials available for student use through its Course Reserves service. The platform for electronic documents is now the Canvas course management system where students can readily locate the readings in the context of their online coursework.

Journal articles

The library provides subsidized access to several hundred million full-text articles via its subscription databases and publisher ejournal collections. Instructors are strongly encouraged to identify and assign relevant articles from these collections for use as required or supplemental course readings

By linking out to the full text of such articles from iLearn, rather than downloading copies and storing them locally, there are no copyright restrictions or costs associated with their use

Creating durable links to the full text of individual articles is possible in nearly all of the library databases by searching for the specific article, displaying the full record, and copying the URL that the publisher supplies. In order for students to access the article from off campus, a proxy prefix must also be prepended to the URL. Paste the publisher’s URL into the box below to receive a fully-formatted link that includes the proxy prefix:

  • Please consult the How Do I guide for detailed instructions on locating durable links in specific databases.
  • Assistance with creating durable links is also available from the library’s Course Reserves service

Have an article that you’ve used in the past, but want to find similar articles to which you can link? Enter the article title below and check the “Related Articles” and “Cited By” links in Google Scholar:

  • Hint: look at the right side of the screen for “Find text @ CSUMB” or links to open-access versions of the articles among the search results.


Instructors are encouraged to link to the library’s growing collection of web-accessible ebooks, again avoiding copyright restrictions and fees. To locate potential ebook readings in the library catalog, search OneSearch by keyword(s):

  • For assistance with locating relevant ebook content, feel free to contact Ask a Librarian or the appropriate librarian subject selector.
  • If you want to link to an ebook, click on the book title to view the full record, click PermaLink to display the durable link, and copy the link location.

Print book chapters and copyright compliance

Note that the scanning and uploading sections of books is governed by copyright law and involves substantial costs to obtain permissions, if permissions for reproduction are even granted

  • The library does not subsidize copyright fees for chapters or sections of books.
  • For sections of books owned by the CSUMB Library, the books themselves will be placed on regular Course Reserve.
  • For sections of books not owned by the CSUMB Library, a request may be submitted for the library to consider purchasing the book for regular Course Reserve, or the instructor may place a personal copy on regular .


Questions may be directed to the Course Reserve staff at 831-582-3733 / 831-582-3897, or