University Factbook

Updated Fall 2017

CSUMB's Student Data Warehouse

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University Factbook


The following document presents key facts about California State University, Monterey Bay. It provides all audiences with a quick introduction to the university and a ready reference for accurate and current data to support informed decision making. Institutional Assessment and Research has developed this Factbook to facilitate campus planning and decision making, maximizing our educational effectiveness and institutional vitality in direct support of our campus Founding Vision Statement. The academic data is concentrated on the fall semester of the year, since this is the semester of record for most external reports. Certain functions, such as graduation and financial reporting, lend themselves to being expressed for the entire academic and fiscal years, respectively, and are so reported.

Academic Programs



Financial Aid Dashboard (Student Data Warehouse)


Retention and Graduation


Student Organizations


Human Resources


Comparative Data

CSU Analytic Studies

The following CSU dashboards are hosted by the Chancellor's Office and require a login. If the pages do not load, go to first.

CSRDE  - Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange

IPEDS - Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System