Institutional Assessment and Research

CSUMB Experience Study (CSUMBES) - 2019


Quantitative Reports

Reports by Topic

For information on the study population, see Response Rates by College and Major and Respondent Demographics.

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Need the definition for a data element in any of these reports? See the CSUMB Data Glossary.

Qualitative Reports

Access the 2019 CSUMB Experience Study qualitative results to open-ended survey questions via IAR's Qualitative Survey Reporting Tool.

(Note: If you do not yet have access to IAR's Qualitative Survey Reporting tool, request access. You will need to use your Otter single sign on ID to login to the Qualitative Survey Reporting Tool.)

Via this tool, users can explore open-ended responses to the following questions:

Via this tool, users can also access the Qualitative Summary Report and Qualitative Presentation.