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1098-T FAQ

CAUTION: The content below is general information only. Please contact the IRS or a tax professional if legal advice is needed. The university cannot provide legal advice regarding your eligibility or the calculation of the credits.

Frequently asked questions


California State University, Monterey Bay does not assist in tax preparation, act as a tax consultant for individuals or entities, provide tax advice, and cannot answer your tax questions. Please consult a tax professional, the IRS, or a financial planner who is proficient with taxation with your tax questions. Each student and/or their parents must determine eligibility for, calculation of, and limitation on the tuition and fees deduction or the education credits (hope or lifetime learning credit).

While the university has made every effort to use the most current and accurate data, tax laws change frequently, and it is possible that some of the information may no longer be accurate. The university disclaims all liability from the mistreatment of information and materials contained in this document.

Information regarding immigration, employment, and tax substantial authority are the responsibility of each individual. Please keep in mind that no one from California State University, Monterey Bay, while in their official role at the university, can act as a tax consultant, give personal, legal or tax advice, or represent an individual dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. Thus, any assistance the above information may provide is given as a courtesy to you, and as such, should not be construed in any way as the rendering of legal or tax advice.