University Communications


Submitting an event

Before creating an event in Terminalfour to publish on the Events Calendar, you must first follow the booking instructions found on the University Affairs, Ceremonies, and Events webpage.

To post an event using Terminalfour, section editors can view the full tutorial in Canvas.

Event posting best practices

  • Use standard image sizes for event photos.
  • Do not use photos that include text that is meant to be read — this ensures that the content is accessible.
  • Include a two or three sentence description of your event that clarifies:
    • Who the event is for.
    • What the event is about.
    • When the event is.
    • Where the event is located.
    • How people can get more information. 
  • Add an RSVP link if you have one.

Event posting rules

University Affairs, Ceremonies, and Events; University Communications; and Information Technology partnered with the goal of making it easy for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community to learn about opportunities to experience CSUMB. To do so, we must ensure all our opportunities to engage are listed, described, promoted, and identifiable. We do this by using our events calendar, a central and comprehensive listing of all in-person and online events. 

  • Events are optional opportunities to engage — that are open to students, faculty, staff, alumni, or the public — which are produced or hosted by CSUMB.
    • All events are required to be listed in the events calendar.
  • Meetings or other activities open only to invited guests are not to be listed in the events calendar.
    • Large, recurring university meetings may be listed using the "University meeting" tag in the Event Category field, but they should not include attendance location or links as they are not open to uninvited guests.

Event submissions follow a workflow, so events will not be published until University Affairs, Ceremonies, and Events approves the submission.

For help with creating written content or imagery for your event, you may submit a request through the Project Request Form, which can be found on the University Communications webpage.