University Affairs, Ceremonies, and Events

Campus Event Booking Process

To book an event on campus, please follow the steps below.

25Live Event Booking & Calendaring - Training Video

Step 1: Book your space on-campus.

Reserve your event space in 25Live. (Please note: when you submit a request, it is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation via e-mail. Please do not advertise events before receiving confirmation.)


Step 2: Get your event into the University Events Pipeline

Complete the Event Logistics Form (ELF) section - check all the services that apply to your event. 

Step 3: Event Calendaring

Complete the event calendars, event description, and event images sections.

  • Event Calendars: This is where you will select event calendars that you want the event to be posted to
    Note: There is also a "Do Not Publish" option.
  • Event Description: This information will be published on any selected campus event calendars. Please be sure to review grammar, punctuation, and content.
  • Event Images: This is where you can upload an image to your event posting. The image(s) will be published on any selected campus event calendar.
    - Event Image: The event image will appear alongside your calendar posting in the List view on the campus Event page.
    - Detail Image: This allows you to upload a second image, which will appear inside your calendar posting.

    Note: If you only add one image, that image will be used for both. 

Step 4: Campus Event Protocols and Guidelines

Review the Campus Event Protocols and Guidelines in the sections:

  • Work Order/Set up Requests Information
  • Protocols in Event Spaces at CSUMB
  • Event Accessibility & Accommodations
  • Event Sustainability

Agreeing to abide by the Campus Event Protocols and Guidelines is required in order to move your event forward in the event pipeline.

Step 5: Event Confirmation

Once the 25Live Event Form is received, you will receive an email from with the subject line "ELF Received | [Date] - [Name of Event]."

Within the email received from Special Events, you will be connected with the Event Scheduler for the facility you are requesting. For UACE Managed Spaces, you will be connected with an Event Professional. In either case, your event space usage request will be reviewed. If approved, the 25Live requestor will receive the confirmation from the Event Scheduler for the facility or from an Event Professional for UACE Managed Spaces.

Lastly, UACE's Event Professionals will share useful links and resources specific to your event needs.

Step 6: Event Calendar Publishing

Once your event is confirmed in 25Live, your event will be automatically published to the CSUMB Events Calendar under the specific event calendar that was selected on the 25Live Event Calendars section on the initial request.