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Looking to fill a position? You can create an account on Otter Jobs.

Otter Jobs is our online job board for students and alumni. As an employer, you can create a customized account and post openings for internships, volunteer opportunities, part-time and full-time positions.

This is a great way to build a virtual presence on campus for students. It’s also FREE and easy to use!

On-Campus Employers

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Off-Campus Employers

If you need assistance using OtterJobs please email Marc Garcia (

For a small fee, you can post to multiple schools on the NACELink Symplicity network. When you login choose the Multi-School Job Posting option.

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General Job Posting Guidelines

  • Job postings must have a valid job title, location, and contact information
  • A list of specific job duties to be performed must be included within the job description
  • A separate job posting is required for each posting
  • All positions must meet California Minimum Wage Standards
  • Otter Jobs may not be used to advertise job banks
  • Otter Jobs may not be used to promote opportunities which require a student to pay a fee to attend training, coursework or receive placement services
  • All job and internship listings are posted at the discretion of the Career Development Office. The Career Development Office reserves the right to decline and/or remove postings that conflict with the Student Code of Conduct, or, do not appear to support the best interest of our students and/or theuniversity