Career Development

Meet with a Career Advisor

How to book an appointment

Career advisors are available to meet with you via Zoom or by Phone (Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-5:00 pm).

Appointments can also be made through the following:

  • Call (831) 582-3937
  • Limited appointments can be made outside of regular business hours by request (i.e. 7AM, 6PM)

What happens after I request an appointment?

1. A career advisor will approve or deny your meeting request.

2. You will receive a google calendar invitation from a career advisor. Video Conference information (if applicable) can be found within the google calendar invitation.

3. Accept the google calendar invitation.

4. Log in on-time and be ready to ask questions if you have any.

Note: If you are unable to attend please deny the google calendar invitation and reschedule your appointment through Insight.