Career Development

Get Started Tomorrow... Today!

Don't wait until graduation to start thinking about your career journey. The Career Development Office has identified very few items you can do each year to be successful and be prepared for your career.

Freshman Year

  • Take a career assessment
  • Meet with a career advisor to make a plan
  • Study and discuss major options, make an initial selection
  • Write your first resume and bring it in for a critique
  • Check for on-campus or off-campus jobs using OtterJobs

Sophomore Year

  • Become an active leader in a student organization and in the classroom
  • Meet with a career advisor to update resume and learn about informational interviews
  • Conduct informational interviews with working professionals
  • Do volunteer work
  • Attend an etiquette dinner

Junior Year

  • Do an internship, part-time job, or project related to your field
  • Develop your network: classmates, family, friends, faculty, alumni, and employers
  • "Professionalize" your online profile, voicemail, email, and wardrobe
  • Visit Otter Outfitters and pick up a professional look
  • Start researching graduate schools

Senior Year

  • Join a professional organization, set-up a Linkedin profile
  • Apply to graduate school and take examinations
  • Meet with a career advisor to finalize your resume, cover letter, personal statement, and interviewing techniques
  • Successfully interview for and land a job
  • Attend a professional networking event