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Frequently Asked Questions

Since most fairs across California and other states will be virtual; we completely understand that multiple universities might have different process and platforms for their fairs, which can be confusing and overwhelming for you. Therefore, we have compiled a FAQ page dedicated to answering any questions you may regarding our virtual fair. We want to ensure your experience with CSUMB is a great one.

What happens after I register?

Our Administrative Support Coordinator, Hedy Wainscoat, will reach out to you requesting your preference on which 45 minute slot you would like to present. She will also provided your with a calendar invite and Zoom Link after selecting your preference.

Do you have set times for the morning or afternoon sessions?

Yes, our Administrative Support Coordinator, Hedy Wainscoat, will inform you which 45 minute time slots are available based on the session you selected (morning or afternoon). Typically, the 45 minute time slots offered for the morning session are: 9-9:45AM; 10-10:45AM;11-11:45AM; 12-12:4PM. As for the afternoon sessions, the following time slots are offered: 2-2:45PM,3-3:45PM;4-4:45PM; 5-5:45PM. *Please keep in mind that time-slots are first-come, first-serve bases.

Do I only have 30-45 minutes to present?

You may take up the entire 1 hour but we encourage presenters to limit their presentation to 30-45 minutes as this will allow you to go back to your other responsibilities and allow students to take a mental break before joining in another Zoom meeting for a different graduate school.

Is there a limit on how many presenters I can have?

The more the merrier! You may have multiple co-presenters. We highly encourage you to invite faculty, current students, or alumni of the programs to be part of your admissions informational session. Our students truly enjoy listening to their stories and experiences. Please let us know that you have confirmed participation of faculty/lecturers, current students, or alumni as this will help advertise your session!

What if I represent multiple graduate programs from my college/department, can I still participate?

If you recruit for multiple programs in your department, you have the option to present on multiple days, times, and even have different presenters all for the price of one! For example: Let's say you are recruiting for MBA and MSA but our calendar indicates that universities presenting about Business Administration will be held Oct.15 as for Accounting it will be held the following day. You can select two days (Oct 15 & Oct 16) for the same price. Example #2: You are recruiting for MBA but your institution has two MBA tracks which have different sets of admission requirements and/or know that 30-45 minutes is not enough time to cover both tracks. Instead of doing presentations back to back or trying to squeeze all the information about both tracks in one session. You can select a time in the morning to discuss MBA Track 1 and select a time in the afternoon to present about MBA Track 2. Example #3: If there are multiple individuals who are in-charge of recruiting for different programs within your college/unit, there only needs to be one registration. Simply provide the individuals name and email address to our Administrative Support Coordinator, so she may coordinate with them about time preferences and other details.

What if I am unable to attend the specific date my academic discipline is assigned?

If you are unable to present on a specific date. That's completely okay and no need to worry! We are more than happy to work with you to find a date that works best for you. Please reach out to Teresa Martinez- to coordinate this.

Can you provide some context on how this event will go?

We will be using Zoom as this is the platform that most students and presenters fill more comfortable using. Each school will have its own Zoom link (there will be no need to use breakout rooms- for multiple presenters from other universities). You will have your own Zoom link has this will 1) allow you to login and set-up comfortably and have a staff member ready to assist you in anyway needed, 2) provide that space and time allocated for just you and the program you are presenting about, 3) end the presentation/meeting when you are ready. Please note that we will be recording the live session and posting the recording on our website for those students who were unable to attend or had to leave early due to work/class.

Your session can be as informative or interactive as you would like; some presenters plan to do a presentation with slides (regarding the university, program admission requirements, student life, financial assistance, student profile, etc.), Q&A, a panel professors and current students, or all three! It’s your personal choice on what you would like to do in your session.

I need an invoice,where can I find this?

Please email our Career Advisor/Event Coordinator Teresa Martinez at to request an invoice. Provide any details needed on the invoice (i.e. Bill to: University name instead of presenters' name).

What if I am registering for someone else?

Let us know who the presenter will be and their email address, so we may update it in our system and reach out to them about the event.

I added an additional add-on, what happens next?

If you added an additional email blast to your registration, our Career Advisor/Event Coordinator-Teresa Martinez will inform you about the details and the process of using the email blast. If you added an additional workshop, our Associate Director, Rhonda Mercadal- Evans will reach out to you with more details to coordinate this workshop outside of the October month.

What if I would like to add or remove items from my registration?

You will be able to easily log back in using your confirmation number or contact information. If you are removing an item, you will be refunded the difference. If you are adding an item, you will be charged for the additional cost.

How many students will I be expected to attend my session?

Students will be required to RSVP prior to receiving the Zoom link and passcode for your session. This will provide some insight on how many students to expect. We can not guarantee student attendance, but we will do our very best to advertise your session to related student organizations, programs/departments on campus, as well as faculty/lecturers. We will notify you a few days prior to your session regarding the number of students who RSVP'd.

Will I be expected to attend the 3-hour duration of the event?

Although the registration indicates 3-4 duration, that is not the case. You will only be expected to present during your 45 minute timeframe you have confirmed with our Administrative Support Coordinator.

What if I paying by check?

If you are paying by check must be mailed to: CSUMB Career Development ATTN: Camilia Lewis

100 Campus Center

Building 508-Room 3180

Seaside, CA 93955

Check made out to:

CSUMB Career Development

Memo: Career Fair 2020

One of our staff members checks our department incoming mail at least once a week. We will notify you once we have received your check.

What if have any other questions?

Please email Teresa Martinez our Career Advisor/Event Coordinator at for further questions or concerns.