The California State University (CSU) is committed to maintaining an inclusive community that values diversity and fosters tolerance and mutual respect.

We embrace and encourage our community differences in Age, Disability, Race or Ethnicity, Gender, Gender Identity or Expression, Nationality, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Genetic Information, Veteran or Military Status, and other characteristics that make our community unique. All individuals have the right to participate fully in CSU programs and activities free from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation. The CSU prohibits Harassment of any kind, including Sexual Harassment, as well as Sexual Misconduct, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking. Such behavior violates University policy and may also violate state or federal law.

Notice of non-discrimination on the basis of gender or sex

The California State University does not discriminate on the basis of gender, which includes sex and gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation in its education programs or activities. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and certain other federal and state laws, prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation in employment, as well as in all education programs and activities operated by the University (both on and off campus). The protection against discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation includes sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and gender based dating and domestic violence and stalking. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Wendy Smith

Title IX/DHR Coordinator


Telephone: (831) 582-3510

Questions may also be addressed to:

Office for Civil Rights

U.S. Department of Education

50 Beale Street, Suite 7200

San Francisco, CA 94101-1813

Telephone: 415 486-5555

FAX: 415-486-5570; TDD: 800-877-8339


Campus, civil, and criminal consequences of committing acts of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence

Individuals alleged to have committed Sexual Misconduct may face criminal prosecution by law enforcement and may incur penalties as a result of civil litigation. In addition, employees and students may face discipline/sanctions at the University. Employees may face sanctions up to and including dismissal from employment, per established CSU policies and provisions of applicable collective bargaining agreements. Students and employees charged with Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment or Sexual Misconduct will also be subject to discipline, pursuant University policies, and will be subject to appropriate sanctions.

Executive Order 1096 (employee)

Executive Order 1097 (student)

In addition, during any investigation, the University may implement interim measures in order to maintain a safe and non-discriminatory educational and working environment. Such measures may include immediate interim suspension of the accused from the University, a required move from University-owned or affiliated housing, an adjustment to work or course schedule, or prohibition from contact with parties involved in the alleged incident.

Executive Order 1098

Sexual misconduct prevention writing contest winner announced

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Ken Martinez-Ruiz! You can view Ken’s poem “My Universe” below. Thanks to all of the other participants as well. The submissions were all very inspiring!!

Winner - Ken Martinez-Ruiz

My Universe

There is a universe
Inside of me
My universe is filled
With explosions
Of vivid color
And never ending
Arrays of light,
Sounds which erupt
And bring joy
To the late night

There are trees
Made of feathers
And wind which carries
The most extravagant weather

There are oceans
Of hope
And pink water
Is what keeps me afloat

My universe
May not make sense to you
It is unique, It is keen,
It is everything that is me

There is a temple
Which surrounds my universe

On my temple
There are horizontals,
There are close parallels,
There are shapes and curves,
There are mountains and clouds
There is warm rain
Which comes pouring down

If you understand
That this person
In front of you
Holds an entire universe,

You would not trace my horizontals
Which are not yours
You would not pick the feathers
From my trees
Just to watch them soar,

You would not dye
My pink oceans blue
Because it makes sense to you

Because if you did
Alarms would fill my universe
It would crumble the ground beneath me
The walls, the buildings, the trees
Would begin to fall

If you understand
That this person
In front of you
Holds an entire universe,

You would not
Shove your way in
Uninvited where you don’t belong

You would not
Damage my temple
So strong

Because it would take time
To ensure my horizontals
Are perfectly placed,

To ensure my trees can rest
Inside the sand,
And bring feathers
To all of the land

It would take time
To give vivid color
Back to the sky,
To give life,
To my now quiet night

Do not invade
Do not brush by
Do not barge in uninvited
Against all of my might

Because this temple,
MY temple
Holds a universe
And my universe
Is not for you to spite

-Kennedy Ruiz

Contact Title XI/DHR

(831) 582-3510


Gavilan Hall

Suite 211