Title IX/Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation


Senior Director Programs Specialist
Raquel Bonilla Amy Gessler
raqbonilla@csumb.edu agessler@csumb.edu
Oversees all formal and informal responses to reports of discrimination Oversees training and programs for Title IX, DHR, and Clery
Oversees conflict resolution processes for matters presented to, and appropriate for, the department Oversees office administration
Provides information and training to campus on various aspects of human identity and sexual misconduct Coordinates department programming efforts, including coordination with campus partners and representing the office for tabling and other events where Director is presenting and unavailable

Current Staff Training & Development

Raquel Bonilla Amy Gessler
Title IX Training AY 22-23: CSU systemwide Title IX annual training; numerous webinars from DOE and vendors related to proposed Title IX regulatory changes; NACCOP Clery training Title IX Training AY 20-21: CSU Systemwide Title IX training for new regulatory processes; NACCOP Clery training
Diversity Training/Development: NCORE conference, Annual NAFSA conference, APAIE speaker, Global Inclusion Innovations, Annual NILG conference Diversity Training/Development: NAFSA conference
Other: Maxient utilization, Clery, FERPA, Preserving Mindfulness and Stress Management Other: Maxient utilization, FERPA, Sum Total processes