Title IX/Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation


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  • Resident Advisors in Student Housing and Residential Life receive live training with the Title IX/DHR Office during both the fall and spring semesters of each academic year
  • Athletics receives live training with the Title IX/DHR Office during the start of each academic year
  • Greek affiliated students receive live training each academic year

Trainings Offered Upon Request

  • Certain entities, such as the PGCC, the Tutoring Center, the Student Leaders group, and others request a refresher session with the Title IX/DHR office each academic year
  • Bystander Intervention Concepts and Techniques
  • Implicit/Inherent Bias
  • Wading Through Offensive Speech/Conduct and the First Amendment
  • Understanding Rights and Identities. Sessions can be one or more of the protected categories: race/ethnicity/culture, gender/gender identity, religion, persons with disabilities, age
  • Various aspects of effective management concepts
  • If you would like any of these trainings for your area, please contact the Director, Raquel Bonilla, raqbonilla@csumb.edu. Please also reach out to her if you have a request for training that is not on this list, as we are always happy to collaborate and develop new offerings.

Trainings Offered in Other Programs

  • Providing Inclusivity Through Discrimination Prevention [core course for the Diversity Learning Series]
  • Effectively Engaging Employees [module 3 of the MPP^3 program]
  • Title IX/DHR also partners to present at all new and transfer student orientation sessions