What is Otter-ware?

Otter-ware are sets of reusable dishware and silverware available for free to any student or student group to utilize at on and off-campus events on in place of the traditionally used and more wasteful disposable utensils. The sets come in a plastic container in which the renters will receive clean sets, and return the dirty sets in the same container to be cleaned and sanitized by the Dining Commons for future use.

Sets include:

  • One lightweight plate
  • One cup
  • One set of utensils

A minimum of 5 sets are required at check out. For any questions, contact Dining Services.

*There are a maximum of 100 set available for use.

Sets include one lightweight plate, cup, and utensils.

Step 1:

Call the Dining Commons front desk at 831-582-4598 or stop by anytime that they are open. Make sure to make a reservation 2 days in advanced.

Step 2:

Visit Dining Commons to check out and receive dish sets.