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CSUMB Campus Events

Reel Work May Labor Film Festival

Knife cutting a tomato

Speakers: Angie Tran, Professor of political economy at CSUMB; Aria Zapata, filmmaker

Event Host: California Faculty Association

Thursday, May 2

10 am • CSUMB Building 47 Room H104, 5283 Sixth Ave, Seaside

Sweat, Solidarity, and Service

Trailer for Knife Skills

(Thomas Lennon, 2018, 40 min, USA)

Documentary of the launch of Edwins, a world-class French restaurant in Cleveland where most of the staff are just out of prison. The film elevates issues of reentry and recidivism to raise awareness and inspire action, for communities and business owners around the country to embrace “second-chance employment” efforts for the formerly incarcerated. Academy Award-nominated.

CON O SIN PAPELES (With or Without Papers) Trailer for Con o Sin Papeles

Juan and Keyli are young and motivated immigrant workers facing the world of migrant workers and immense injustices in the San Joaquin Valley. Tactics of exploitation and abuse are enacted upon a new generation of workers, however, labor rights activist Luis Magaña’s work sparks hope and instill courage.


(Morgan Schmitt-Feng, 2019, 12 min, USA)

Workers who harvest the food we eat are challenged with the lack of access to healthcare. Labor and community groups organize to create a healthcare program for undocumented residents in East Salinas.

Women with her hands up surrounded by flags.

Speakers: Angie Tran, Professor of political economy at CSUMB; Melissa Young & Mark Dworkin, filmmakers

Event Host: California Faculty Association

Thursday, May 2

2 pm • CSUMB Building 82 Room B116, 2081 Inter-Garrison Rd, Marina

Global Economics- Don't Give up Your Voice

Trailer for Don’t Give Up Your Voice

(Melissa Young & Mark Dworkin, 2018, 41 min, Argentina)

Argentina elected president Macri a year before we elected Trump. The two presidents are quite similar in their election campaigns and the policies they promoted once in office. But Argentines are resilient; they have fought right wing governments before. Their creative resistance to Macri’s policies, from organized labor, worker co-ops, the arts, offers ideas and inspiration for us in the North.

NAE PASARAN Trailer for Nae Pasaran

(Felipe Bustos Sierra, 2014, 14 min, Scotland)

The impact Scottish factory workers had on Pinochet’s dictatorship when they refused to repair and return Chilean Air Force Hawker Hunter jet engines sent for maintenance to their factory in East Kilbride, Scotland.


(Labor Beat, 2019, 15 min, USA)

On Jan 24, 2019, furloughed workers from various federal agencies and their supporters rallied in the bitter cold at Chicago's Federal Plaza to end to the government shutdown, then in its 34th day. The next day, Trump suddenly announced he would sign a stop-gap measure that did NOT include funding for a wall. Did their action help break Trump’s resolve?


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