International Student Re-Use Program

international waste

Lisa Hannemann, international graduate student from Germany who is completing a degree in Sustainability Economics and Management has been working tirelessly to help reduce waste on campus for international students not only this semester, but in the coming years as well. In her short semester at CSUMB she’s created a program for international students to pass on commonly purchased move-in items to the next generation of international students.

This program will keep usable items out of the landfill, save international students money, and hopefully encourage students to purchase higher quality items which are more ethically produced and last longer. This year is a pilot year in which international students will be sent an email regarding the details of drop off and pick up, and then staff from the international office will be storing the donations in their garages due to space limitations.

In the coming years, Lisa hopes that a degree seeking international student will take on this project to ensure that it is able to continue to run into perpetuity. If you’re interested in donating, volunteering, or taking the project on yourself then email the recycling coordinator on campus If you see Lisa around then be sure to give her a high five for her hard work!