Inclusive Sustainability Plan 2020

Communications and Engagement

Communication and engagement is critical for all areas of the Campus Sustainability Plan. In many ways, this section is about the implementation of the plan.

    • Develop Inclusive Sustainability focused video training modules for students, staff, and faculty. (EJ&I)
    • Identify 2-3 major campus events and publically integrate sustainability measures.
    • Host at least three regional sustainability gatherings by 2026 to bring the community and CSUMB together to learn about and address sustainability challenges facing campus and the community.
    • Integrate an Eco-Justice themed speaker into the President’s Speaker Series. (EJ&I)
    • Increase interpretive signage and learning opportunities related to campus operational, natural and cultural history sustainability aspects by 50%.
    • Collaborate with external community agencies and partners to increase support for regional stewardship of natural resources.
    • Begin tracking the number of Sustainability Tour participants, specifically off-campus community members.
    • In summer 2020 work with campus partners to create a communications plan for the core goals identified in this plan. Implement in Fall 2020.
    • Make training programs available to 100% of the campus population and have 50% of campus members participate in an inclusive sustainability-related training during the duration of their employment or study on campus.
    • Develop community based social marketing campaign efforts to promote the core goals to ensure that by 2025 50% of the campus know what the core goals are and actions they can take to support them.
    • Identify sustainability champions in each department, unit or college to serve as a resource and motivator for action. (EJ&I)
    • Recognize campus community members and partners that serve as champions for sustainability.