Letters from the President & Associated Students

President Ochoa

As President of Cal State Monterey Bay, it is my honor to uphold the vision and goals outlined in the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. Achieving these goals will enable the campus to be a good steward for our community and the natural environment that we call home.

Cal State Monterey Bay is responding to the need to actively care for our environment and all people who rely on a healthy, functioning environment by creating and implementing the 2020 Campus Sustainability Plan. This Plan is an extension of the CSUMB 2013 Climate Action Plan, establishing ambitious goals to ensure that carbon neutrality can be achieved by 2030.

Cal State Monterey Bay is committed to making operational and academic decisions that have beneficial impacts on our region. Through this Plan, we encourage students, staff and faculty to participate in the process. Climate change poses real challenges for our society and Cal State Monterey Bay is uniquely positioned to lead through education and innovation.


Eduardo Ochoa

From the Associated Students

Ana Gonzales
Ethan Quaranta

The Associated Students continue to play an active role in the implementation of the goals in the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. As the student voice, we view sustainability as an important aspect of daily life on campus and wholeheartedly support the Campus Sustainability Plan and the goals outlined within it. We also understand the impact that sustainability will have on our future careers after finishing at CSUMB. The Campus Sustainability Plan includes three core coals which offer a broad vision for priorities when it comes to Sustainability at CSUMB. The three goals include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, planting trees, and diverting waste more effectively. As a university devoted to student learning and engagement, each one of us should play a role in supporting the goals of the Campus Sustainability Plan. We encourage everyone on campus to figure out which core goal they most align with and take action to aid in their accomplishment.


Ana Gonzales, President, Associated Students

Ethan Quaranta, Sustainability Senator, Associated Students