Bringing community in, and parking out: What’s really happening to our parking?


The "Tricks" are commonly spoken about ideas that some students think in regards to parking, and the "Treat" is the benefit of the new parking infrastructure.


  • CSUMB is losing parking spots on campus.
  • The new parking lots are too far of a walk from the center of campus.
  • There are not enough spaces to park on campus.
  • There are many unused lots on campus that are closed.
  • There will be no more parking in front of my Resident Building.
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  • The campus is maintaining the same amount of spaces available for parking. This includes handicap accessible parking stalls.
  • There are multiple options to get from the parking lots to the main quad of campus: bus, bike, walk on the brand new safe pedestrian malls, etc. The walk from the new parking lot (59) to the Library is closer than walking from The Promontory!
  • There is always space, just not where you want it! Students, staff and faculty have become accustomed to parking right near the building they have class in, and moving their car to the nearest lot of their next class. Unfortunately, this causes significant, unnecessary car traffic which contributes to air pollution and safety risks to pedestrians.
  • Parking your bike or hoping on the bus in front of your building are two great alternatives to parking your car right outside your dormitory.

Contrary to popular belief, CSUMB parking is NOT shrinking! The parking is being consolidated to the periphery of the campus, providing the following benefits for students and community:

Additional Information:

Student Union photo from The Master Plan IG Plaza View
  • Multi-modal Connections: New bus lines were added connecting the new parking lot (Lot 59) to the Main Quad, A Street was closed for pedestrian and bicyclist safety.
  • Dense Campus Core: Bringing community in and parking out, CSUMB will help create inclusive, active environments in the center of campus.
  • New Buildings: The Master Plan provides exciting plans to improve the campus. Buildings are planned to open in about two years!
    • Otter Student Unionis projected to break ground in early 2018 just East of the Student Center, in the Student Center parking lot (Lot 12).
    • Academic IIIwill be on the BIT parking lot (Lot 508), is breaking ground this Fall.
  • New Parking: New parking lots on campus will utilize space better, have better lighting, and stalls available for our campus community and visitors to use. A modernized look with accessible pedestrian walkways, infrastructure to support future electric vehicle charging stations, bike racks (coming soon!), and safety cameras.

Improved Transportation to Campus:

  • New Bus routes (free): Line 26, the East Campus Express, now routes along the new parking lot (Lot 59), making it easier than ever to access all the amenities of the new parking lot.
  • Text, phone, app, or map: MST RealTime provides a set of tools (text, phone, App & maps) that help you get real-time information about your next bus. For more information, visit:

What is MST? (Free for CSUMB Students!)

Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) is the Monterey Bay's regional public transit provider. Regular service extends throughout Monterey County and as far as Santa Cruz, San Jose and Paso Robles. Your student fees help make this transit service possible! is the best resource for up-to-date route maps, schedules and trip planning information. MST Rider's Guides booklets are available in various locations around campus.