Break the Silence

Hailey Adamski-Casella

November 20, 2016

As the sun lays to rest beneath the horizon,

The red and purple hue captivates the smog absorbed sky,

Overlaying the vast powder blue sea,

as the top coat of oil shimmers, reflecting the polluted sky overhead.

What a world we live in.

How we strive on destruction and consumption.

Deterioration of our environment,

Resources depleting to transition to the next,

Without a question.

Taking what Mother Earth has to offer,

The abundance of essential resources and beauty.

Fresh water polluted with toxins and waste,

Oil from underground now fills our pipes and streams,

Coals harsh fumes consume our planet's hazy atmosphere.

Water. Oil. Coal.

How they run our world,

Abusing the planet from which they came,

Due to a society conditioned to use.

At what cost?

Only the expense of hindering Mother Earth

to continue to strive on and prosper.

Mass destruction with a blink of an eye,

Greed has casted its veil over our leaders.

Currency rules our egotistical mind hindering,

The natural need to bloom with the organic flow of life.

Mother Earth continues to endure our brutal beatings,

Burning her trees, land, and oil,

Extracting her limited natural deposits,

Gradually developed over millions of years,

Now disposed of for our mindless consumption and satisfaction,

But how long will her resilience last?

How long will her beauty continue to fight on without a voice?

Taking every twist and turn we carve into her surface,

Growing around and adapting to the mutilation

which we have become accustomed

to imposing onto her.

What would Mother Earth say if she could break her silence?