Classes and Planning

Transfer Credit

Posting of transferable coursework takes place after you have indicated your intent to enroll at CSUMB.

Students will receive credit for transferable coursework completed at other institutions. General Education CSU GE Breadth credit will be given for courses that align with CSUMB General Education (GE) Requirements. Your Transfer Credit Report shows how courses from other institutions are applied to your CSUMB record. Information about accessing the Transfer Credit Report can be found on the OASISHelp page.

Students may have up to 70 semester units of transferable work from a two-year institution posted to your record. If you have more than 70 units of transferable coursework, you will see an adjustment on your transfer credit report subtracting units over 70 from your record. This will not impact completion of your GE requirements. There is no limit on transferable units from four-year institutions.

The number of units you see on your record is in semester format. Units from quarter calendar schools have been recalculated to reflect semester units.

Information regarding passing grades is found in section 3.20 of the Graduation Requirements and Catalog Rights Policy.


Articulation is a formal agreement between two or more colleges or universities documenting the transfer policies for a specific academic program or degree in general. Basically, articulation identifies how courses from other campuses count toward degree requirements at CSUMB. Information about transfer agreements and major preparation at all public California community colleges can be found at

Transfer Credit Report

Your Transfer Credit Report will show each of the transferable courses you completed at your prior institution(s) and how those credits are applied to your CSUMB student record. To access your Transfer Credit Report, login to OASIS from your dashboard. Choose Self Service, then choose Transfer Credit from the drop-down menu list.

If you have any questions about your Transfer Credit Report, please contact your Academic Advisor.

External Exams

Your Transfer Credit Report will also show how external exam credit from exams such as AP, IB, and CLEP are applied to your CSUMB student record. More information about the amount of credit awarded for successful completion of AP, CLEP and IB is set forth in Coded Memo ASA-2019-03 and in the Academic Credit and Assessment Policy.

Other Credit

Military Credit

College credit may be given for military training or job duties as listed on an official military transcript. The amount of credit granted is determined using the American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations, along with our own evaluation. The amount of credit granted will vary by student. Military credit is often vocational in nature and will not replace academic credit.

Nursing NCLEX Examination Credit

If you are seeking a Nursing degree, CSUMB allows up to 30 units of credit from the NCLEX examination: one unit of academic credit for every unit of the required pre-licensure community college nursing course credit that has not already been given equivalent degree credit. Duplicate credit is not awarded. The amount of credit is based on individual student needs and determined by department review and approval. Additional information about NCLEX examination credit can by found in Systemwide Nursing Policy (EO1084).

Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

The Academic Requirements Report is an interactive tool that allows you to review up-to-date details regarding your progress toward degree completion. The Academic Requirements Report matches all of your completed and enrolled courses at CSUMB and any external coursework and credits from other institutions, including exams (e.g. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate) and other credits (e.g. military credit), to your current academic program(s) requirements. Additional information about accessing the Academic Requirements Report can be found on the OASIS Help page.