Review your Academic Requirements Report

What is the academic requirements report?

The OASIS Student Academic Requirements Report helps students determine if they have met General Education (GE) requirements, campus graduation requirements, major requirements, and other campus and state requirements. Requirements will not be cleared with grades lower than C.

Beginning Fall 2018, the Academic Requirements Report is available to graduate students. Graduate students must earn minimum grades of B in order to fulfill requirements.

This report is useful for you and your advisor to keep track of your progress as you go. When you apply to graduate, the Office of the Registrar will complete a Graduation Evaluation, which will officially determine if you have met all your degree requirements.

How to view your report

You may access your Academic Requirements Report by logging into OASIS from your dashboard. In OASIS, click on Self Service, then select Student Center. Select Academic Requirements from the drop down menu and click the arrow button.

Understanding the report

We recommended that you review your report with a staff advisor in Center for Advising, Career and Student Success.

If you passed the class with a grade of C or higher, the report will show that you have met the requirement.

If you completed General Education requirements with transfer GE courses, AP or IB tests, those may be reflected here as TRAN courses (or articulated coursework), provided you earned C or better for courses, minimum test scores for tests, and your transfer and/or test credit has been posted to your record.

Academic Standing and CSUMB GPA fields are updated at end of term only and do not change. Refer to unofficial transcript for real-time GPA calculation.

Courses in progress are included but must earn C or better in order to indicate completion of the requirements. Grades of "I" (Incomplete) are considered In Progress grades and may be listed as courses which have met requirements. The system operates under the assumption that you will complete courses with grades of "I" within the appropriate time frame. If courses with grades of "I" are completed with a grade lower than C, or are not completed and lapse to a grade of "IC" the requirement area will not be fulfilled.

Students admitted prior to Fall 2008

If you were admitted prior to Fall 2008, your transfer or test credit (AP, IB or CLEP) may not be reflected in detail on this report. For help understanding this report, visit an advisor in the Center for Advising, Career and Student Services, located in the Tanimura and Antle Library, or send an email with your name, student ID, and your questions to