Student Coordinator Application

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Our Student Coordinators collaborate with professional staff with large scale events as well as design and implement their own student-to-student programs. Student Coordinators gain experience and refine skills composed of budget management, event planning, dialogue facilitation, workshop construction, cross-community collaboration, as well as have access to many other professional and leadership development opportunities (conference attendance, retreats, etc.).

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Position Description

Under the direct supervision of the Cross-Cultural Coordinator and Assistant Director, the Student Coordinator (SC) is responsible for directly overseeing one of the main OC3 programmatic areas (listed below), serving as a general OC3 representative to the public, as well as collaborating with larger scale programs in conjunction with the OC3 professional staff.

Sustainability & Wellness

Sustainability and Wellness is designed to strengthen OC3’s involvement with the campus sustainability efforts and create innovative ways to enrich the wellbeing of CSUMB students through self-care and community care programs. Sustainability & Wellness goal is to better inform and connect campus groups on events and issues around sustainability, diversity, multiculturalism, social justice, and wellness. The SC assigned to this area is responsible for helping create and plan events that increase the campus community knowledge around sustainability efforts of the campus and society. These events may include; Sustainability Week, Mindful Madness, Social Justice Happy Hour, AS Food Pantry, Sustainability Committee, and Healing Spaces. The SC in this area will also mentor Sustainability & Wellness Interns in the development of this area.

Cultural Arts

This is a series of events that utilize art as a medium to engage in cross-cultural interaction, education, and community building. Through various mediums of art including but not limited to visual, performing, and auditory forms (i.e. film, photography, dance) students will learn how to tap into the history of art in various cultures in connection to their cultural identity today. The SC assigned to this programmatic area will be responsible for helping develop and implement this initiative, including the continuation of “Breaking the Lens: Fostering Self-Discovery” program. Duties include program development, logistical planning, recruitment, marketing and promotion, assisting with facilitation of dialogues, and program evaluation. The Cultural Arts SC will also mentor Cultural Arts Interns who will assist in program ideation, management, execution, and evaluation.

Cultural Enrichment Series (CES)

This is a series of major educational events for the campus community and beyond where outside speakers and performers are invited to campus to supplement education on topics of culture, diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. The SC assigned to this programmatic area will be responsible for helping research, review, and select major speakers and performers. The SC will assist with implementing these major events, and duties include logistical planning, marketing, event coordination, and evaluation. The SC is also responsible for helping develop and/or host pre/post small events to compliment the themes presented visiting speaker and performer engagements. Additionally, the CES SC may plan special receptions for visiting speakers and performers. The SC will also mentor CES Interns who will assist in planning and facilitating guest receptions, event logistics, outreach for pre/post events, marketing, and evaluations.


Dialogue is a way of knowing and learning about one another that is rooted in personal narratives and developing a shared sense of community. The SC assigned to this area will help raise critical social consciousness and deepen understanding around topics of culture, diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice through hosting or co-hosting dialogues on various topics. Duties include logistical planning, content development, recruitment, marketing and promotion, assisting with facilitation of dialogues, and program evaluation. This SC will actively collaborate with on and off campus entities such as student clubs, departments, and resource centers to foster connections and cross-cultural engagement. In addition, the Dialogue SC may serve as a consultant to student groups and offer supplemental educational training that model ways of engaging in dialogue. The Dialogue SC will meet with Dialogue Interns on a regular basis and provide support and developmental activities to foster understanding and facilitation of dialogue.

Educational Workshops

The OC3 will continue to provide quarterly, small-scale educational workshops on a variety of topics related to diversity, cultural, multiculturalism, and social justice. These 90-minute workshops are small-scale, intimate, and can range in format (Safe Zone, book-talks, lectures, interactive sessions, movie screenings, etc.). The SC assigned to this area will be responsible for identifying current issues/hot topics, partnering with campus entities in workshop development, marketing, coordination, implementation, and evaluation. Strong research skills and academic honesty are crucial to provide constructive and educational workshops. The SC is also responsible for mentoring the Educational Workshop Interns in their social justice knowledge development and programming skill development.


The OC3 Internship is for students who are interested in increasing their awareness around social identities, understanding of diversity, multicultural, and social justice issues and applying their learning into concrete practice via OC3 programs. The SC assigned to this area will assist in managing the OC3 Internship program with OC3 Coordinator, including intern recruitment and selection; matching interns to an OC3 programmatic area; helping facilitate weekly developmental meetings on personal experiences around social justice issues; developing other SCs in their mentoring skills; and having semesterly check-in’s with all interns and SCs. The Internship SC will also directly mentor interns matched to the Internship programmatic area on facilitation and relationship building skills.

Application Timeline

February 12 Applications open
March 14 Applications close
April 2-5 Interviews

Printable application form:

OC3 SC Application 2018-2019