Otter Cross Cultural Center

Mission & Vision


The Otter Cross Cultural Center (OC3) cultivates active agents of change through the use of storytelling, intersectionality, and inter-generational pipelines of knowledge. Grounded in this triad, the OC3 fosters opportunities for continued knowledge, civic engagement, and social justice activism. The OC3 actively builds strong relationships within and beyond campus communities to inspire individuals to reclaim their stories, identities, and community wealth by offering social justice trainings, programs, events, and services that are open to all.


The OC3 inspires individuals and communities to form coalitions and come together to fight oppressive systems. The OC3 promotes speaking our stories into existence to liberate communities from inter-generational systems of disempowerment and provide opportunities for healing.


The OC3 values are built upon:

  • Affirming equity
  • Creating sustainable social change
  • Constructing brave spaces for authentic self-expression
  • Promoting acts of healing in order to impact the communities we serve