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Mission & Vision


The Otter Cross Cultural Center (OC3) cultivates a collective vision towards critical consciousness by offering educational programs and workshops, holistic leadership development, and experiential learning opportunities to bridge passion into practice so that students, staff, and faculty grow into leaders of change to eliminate social inequalities. By fostering meaningful dialogue and activism while also promoting empathy and social justice, the OC3 takes proactive student-centered approaches that respects students’ evolving sense of self, perspectives, and voices.


In partnership with campus and community members, the Otter Cross Cultural Center will be a dynamic and culturally empowering hub that serves as an advocate for social justice by building bridges across communities, identities, and intolerance. The OC3 empowers campus community members with the lifelong tools to advance dialogue, empathy, critical thinking, and self-reflection.


Our values are built upon:

  • Affirming equity
  • Creating sustainable social change
  • Constructing brave spaces for authentic self-expression
  • Promoting acts of healing in order to impact the communities we serve

Otter Cross Cultural Center

(831) 582-4685