Co-Sponsorship Request

The Otter Cross Cultural Center welcomes opportunities to co-sponsor & publicize on-campus activities. There are three types of co-sponsorships available (detailed below). At this time, we are not able to co-sponsor off-campus activities or individual pursuits. If you are considering applying, please thoroughly read the descriptions below and on the first page of the co-sponsorship form check the type of request which best fits your needs.

Co-Sponsorships Types & Requirements

To be eligible for a Center for Diversity & Inclusion co-sponsorship:

  • You must be an ICC recognized student group or an CSUMB Office/Department
  • The program must be open to and inclusive of the whole CSUMB community
  • The program must align with the Center's mission and goals
Marketing Co-Sponsorship Financial Co-Sponsorship Programming Co-Sponsorship
Marketing Assistance Only* Both financial & marketing assistance needed** Plan and implement the event with the help of OC3 Staff***Includes marketing assistance
Due 2 Weeks before event Due 3 weeks before event Due 4 weeks before event
  • *includes Facebook & Twitter
  • **Financial co-sponsorships are relative based on the programming details and existing budget.
  • ***Student/Full-Time Staff (includes facilitation of events and/or discussion of how to plan event)
  • If you have questions about the form or about our selection process please contact us by email OC3,, by calling us at 831-582-4676, or by stopping by the OC3 in Student Center, Rm 110.
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